Get your chash-back from 7% to 17%
after purchasing a property in North Cyprus in 10 days. Cash-back amount counts from the price in sale contract.
We meet. We shows.
We place.
Direct contact and deal with developer.
Official cashback contract.
Receive to a card or take cash.
Registration of developers
Filling the database with objects
Formation of the secondary market
If you have not found your developer or object - leave a request
Marketplace Flatty - is an innovative IT service that allows you to combine information about the purchase, sale, property and land plots on the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. All major developers register on the marketplace and can post ads about their properties online.

Licensed real estate agencies and realtors place ads on the marketplace for the sale of objects on the secondary market. Buyers get free access to a single database of objects in Northern Cyprus and choose objects directly from the developer or real estate agency.

Marketplace is beneficial for everyone! Buyers purchase an object at a fair price, receiving a cashback of 7-17%, and communicate directly with construction companies. Developers sell objects without extra commission to investors. Real estate agents and interested realtors registered on the marketplace do not take the costs of attracting customers, as the marketplaces themselves invest in the advertising promotion of online sites with ads.

Developers sell objects without extra commission to intermediaries. Real estate agencies and licensed realtors registered on the marketplace reduce the cost of attracting customers, as the marketplace itself invests in the advertising promotion of the online platform with ads.
IT-technologies make it possible to set fair prices in the market and reduce the costs of buyers.
The marketplace makes the market transparent and acts as a guarantor of the legality of transactions.
The marketplace creates a secondary housing market that is accessible and transparent for buyers.
Sellers are allowed to the marketplace after checking the statutory and permit documents. Illegal intermediaries cannot register on the site.
Thanks to the savings achieved and partnerships with developers, the marketplace guarantees each buyer a cashback from 7% to 17% of the amount specified in the sales contract. This amount can be spent on home improvement, child education, tax payment and any other needs at your discretion.
If you find it difficult to choose an object or you need advice on the island, we can arrange a meeting at the airport, accommodation, and also show all the objects you are interested in.
How cashback works
Contact us to sign up for Flatty
Get your ID
Choose a property via our partners
Sign the contract and pay the first installment or the full amount
Apply to Flatty and receive within 10 days a cashback of 7% -17% of the total value of the property
Why North Cyprus?
The cost of real estate is 2-4 times lower than the Greek part of the island
Friendly and multicultural environment
Residence permit for any property
The crime rate is on average 6 times lower than in Western Europe
There is no need to prove the source of income when buying a property
Education based on British system and traditions
Flatty is an international investment IT company with offices in Cyprus, UAE, Turkey. The number of employees exceeds 30 people - IT developers, real estate agents, international lawyers, immigration specialists.

Flatty Marketplace-i, one of our successful projects, has been warmly welcomed by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus government and can be expanded to other countries in the future.
About us
Our targets
Northern Cyprus is the Mediterranean Taiwan, which has every chance of becoming the Mediterranean Singapore. We live in Northern Cyprus and consider it a strategic task to improve the quality of the infrastructure of the island.

Our startup - real estate marketplace - is a contribution to digitalization and increasing the global competitiveness of the region. Thanks to the formation of a civilized market, developers get additional opportunities for efficient work and qualitative improvement of housing infrastructure.
As a socially responsible company, Flatty allocates a significant part of its profits to charity and real help within the country. Targeted support will be provided to social, educational and engineering facilities.

A partnership is being established with the Clean Island volunteer community, which will receive sponsorship on a regular basis.

The Flatty Marketplace met with understanding and received support at the Government of the TRNC, where they take into account the important role of the project for the formation of an effective real estate industry, as well as its high social significance.

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